●   We bring innovation aesthetics and sustainability to construction.

●   A specialist in dry mix and growing fast in organic/liquid solutions, we design,formulate, manufacture and market solutions for construction (new and renovation) as well as for civil engineering.

●  ParexGroup combines strong brands (such as Parexlanko in France, Davco in Asia,Klaukol in Argentina) with global expertise in R&D, technical assistance, manufacturing, engineering, distribution services and marketing.

●   We are strongly committed to our local brands and their success in their markets in both mature and emerging economies.

●   Entrepreneurship and creativity embody our spirit of innovation in an industry characterized by the drive to improve human habitats and by rapidly evolving modes of distributions.

●   In emerging markets, we offer and share our expertise on solutions that substitute olds method and bring quality and productivity to address the challenges of rapid urbanization. In mature markets, we respond to the ever growing demand for comfort, aesthetics and environmentally friendly solutions through continuous introduction of better-performing products.

●   We know and love our profession, we are proud of our industrial expertise and have the interests of our customers and employees at heart.