Who We Are

ParexGroup is a fast-growing international construction chemical company providing speciality solutions to the building and construction industry. Our product lines include Façade protection and decoration, Tile setting and flooring materials, Waterproofing systems and technical solutions.

We are fast-growing independent company of French origin, with 4,000 employees in 21 centuries.

Created In

In the 1980s from the combination of several companies recognized for their service and dynamic spirit, our culture is first and foremost that of entrepreneurs. Continuing the company’s bold and successful internationalization in the 2000s, we are steering an ambitious path forward based on our expertise.



As a leader in sustainable construction and our industrial commitments are reflected through our actions each day and recognized by those with and for whom we work.



As the preferred partner of local building communities is based on our pragmatism and sense of service, reflected in the valued and profitable solutions we deliver to the industry, including applicators, distributors, architects and builders.

We Focus In People

They are central to how we operate, combining simplicity, closeness and friendliness with respect for all.