Davco Bonding Agent

Weight 4L, 20L, 200L
Color Milky White
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  • Enhance Adhesion
  • Build in flexibility to absorb vibration, shrinkage and deflection or substrates
  • Extensive range of applications

Specifically designed for use in cement mortars. It is modified mortars exhibit greatly improved bond, tensile and flexural strength, and durability. Davco Bonding Agent contains an antifoam and specific additive to aid workability and may be added at levels of 6 to 12% (dry latex on cement) for mortars and up to 20% for high performance surfacing.

Surface Preparation
  • All surface must be structurally sound, dry, clean and free from movement, oil, grease, wax, curing compound and any other loose or contaminating materials.
  • Dusty concrete or masonry should be swept clean and dampened with water prior to the application of Davco Bonding Agent
  • New concrete must be allowed to cure for 6 weeks.
  • Old concrete surface must be thoroughly cleaned. Make sure all release agents are removed from concrete surfaces, especially on tilt-up slabs.
  • Painted surface must be scabbled/ abraded to expose at least 80% of the original substrate.
  • Newly or old rendered/ screeded surface must be thoroughly cleaned prior to tiling and have a wood float finish. Screeds should be allowed to dry out as slowly as practicable after curing to reduce the risk of curling. Cement and sand and fine concrete levelling screeds should be cured for at least 7 days and be subjected to continuous air drying after curing for at least 2 weeks before the tiling is applied. Please refer to BS 5385 or MS 1294.
  • It is user’s responsibility to determine the condition and suitability of all surfaces prior to application.
Additional Information
Weight 4L, 20L, 200L
Color Milky White