Davco ExtraGloss Sealer 139

Weight 5L, 20L
Color Transparent
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  • Protects surface from elements of water, dirt, oil or fungus
  • Resistant to most household chemical
  • Gives a “glossy” when applied to most surfaces
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Highly resistant to foot traffic

Used for protecting slates, bricks, concrete, paving tiles, terracotta tiles, cultured store from staining, efflorescence and for easy maintenance. It is a penetrating sealer brightens up the colours of the material giving the surface a fine semi-lustrous finish.

Surface Preparation
  • Apply Davco Extra Glossy Sealer 139 with brush or roller
  • Apply minimum 2 coats by allowing 30 minutes to 1 hour drying in between coat
  • For added protection apply 3 coats
  • Stone porous surfaces may require additional coat after full cure
  • Test a small area to determine suitability of sealer on the stone surface
  • Upon completion of the coasting application, Davco Extra Glossy Sealer 139 must be allowed to cure for 4-5 days without scrubbing or washing. If required, vacuum and use a damp mop only during cure time
  • It is user’s responsibility to ensure suitability of a sealer before actual application as the characteristics of stone may differ from different origin

Approximately 15 – 20 m² / litre / coat, depending on surface porosity & roughness.

Additional Information
Weight 1L, 5L, 20L
Color Transparent