Davco Impregnator 21 WB

Weight 1L, 5L, 20L
Color Transparent
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  • Excellent water and oil repellency
  • Stain resistance to common household stain
  • Easy to clean properties
  • Allows an architectural structure to breathe
  • Low VOC

A superior quality solvent-based impregnator liquid, formulated to provide both water repellency and oil repellency with its deep penetrating ability and help to preserve the original beauty of stone (marble / granite), brick, masonry, plaster, concrete etc.

Surface Preparation
  • Apply Davco Impregnator 21WB directly from the can using a roller, brush or suitable spray equipment
  • Soaking method may be adopted for certain type of stone
  • When applying by brush or roller, a minimum 2 coats is recommended to ensure a continuous film
  • When spray, low pressure should be used and a face respiration worn
  • After applying for best result allow approx. 2 days for curing before any application
  • It is user’s responsibility to ensure suitability of a sealer before actual application as the characteristics of stone may differ from different origin.

Approximately 20 – 25 m² / litre / coat on granite and marble depending on surface porosity and roughness.

Additional Information
Weight 1L, 5L, 20L
Color Transparent