Davco K10 Sovacryl 102

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  • Ready-to-use from the container
  • Highly flexible with good crack bridging capability
  • Non-toxic and water based
  • High polymer paste form
  • Resistant to UV rays

A premixed, solvent free elastomeric liquid membrane designed to cure to form flexible and seamless waterproofing membrane that can be applied directly from the containers.

Surface Preparation
  • Clean the substrate of any protrusion or substances that may damage the membrane
  • All surfaces must be structurally sound, dry, clean and free from movement, oil, grease, wax, curing compound and any other loose or contaminating materials.
  • Friable surface previously painted would require flaking paint removal and jet washing preparation
  • Powdery paintwork/ brick surface/ existing roof tiles would require jet washing preparation
  • Dusty concrete or masonry should be swept clean and dampened with water prior to the application of mortar
  • Old coatings which are intact, stable and unable to be removed can remain.
  • New concrete must be allowed to cure for 6 weeks, with sufficient falls provided to avoid ponding on the finished membrane surface.
  • The salts from the reaction of acid etching must be thoroughly cleaned with pressure washing and allow the concrete to dry
  • Old concrete surface must be thoroughly cleaned prior to application. Make sure all release agents are removed from concrete surfaces, especially on tilt-up slabs.
  • Fill all voids, cracks, edges and angles with Lanko 702 or suitable repair material, so the surface is well prepared, sound, even and clean.
  • All outlet edges should be cut v-groove, filled with Lanko 702 and sealed with hydrophobic sealant.

1.0 – 1.5 kg / m2 / 2 coats – depending on the area of application.

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