Davco Waterbased 116 WBC

Weight 1L, 5L, 20L
Color Transparent
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  • Carbonation protection- excellent carbon dioxide barrier
  • Breathability - allow for water vapour transmission
  • Durability- outstanding resistance to external weathering
  • Preserve the natural appearance of the substrate
  • VOC free- water based
  • Ease of application- single pack and simple application procedures
  • Effective, long lasting and economical
  • Minimise problems caused by efflorescence, water seepage, staining

Suitable for interior and exterior applications. Colourless material and it does not change the colour or surface finish of the substrate. It allows the treated surface to breathe, thus allowing the moisture from below or behind the surface to dry naturally while repelling water from the surface.

Surface Preparation

New Concrete

  • Surface should be fully cured, free from laitance, dirt, dust and any other forms of contaminants
  • Any membrane present on the surface must be completely removed
  • All joint sealant and caulks should be in place before applying Davco Waterbased (Clear) Impregnator 116

Old Concrete

  • Remove of all substances, that may prevent absorption, eg oil, grease, loose particles, moss, algae growth, existing coating, curing compounds, and etc.
  • To achieve maximum penetration, water jet or grit blast cleaning is recommended. Install concrete repairs and joint sealant prior to sealer application.


  • The surface should be clean & dry

Approximately 20 – 25 m² / litre / coat, depending on surface porosity & roughness.

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Weight 1L, 5L, 20L
Color Transparent