Supracoat Hifix

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  • Ready for use by just adding water
  • Factory-packed in convenient size bags for easy handling
  • Increase in flexural strength

SUPRACOAT HIFIX is a single component tile adhesive specially formulated for tiling work which needs high strength and certain degree of water resistant properties.

This product is suitable for fixing ceramics, homogeneous, marble and natural stone slabs files onto walls and floors. It is used for external as well internal applications especially in areas that are continuously wet or immersed in water, such as swimming pools, toilets, pathways, etc.

For application over unconventional substrates, porcelain tile areas where extra freeze / thaw condition are a consideration, or installation where extra strengths are required; SUPRACOAT HIFIX must be mixed with Suprabond Bonding Liquid or Davelastic 98 Latex Admixture

Surface Preparation

The surface to be tiled must be firm and clean, as well as free from dust, waxes, paint and other contaminants.

  • 3mm x 3mm notched trowel Approx. 2.0-3.0 kg/m²
  • 6mm x 6mm notched trowel Approx 5.0-5.5 kg/m²
  • 12mm x12mm notched trowel : Approx.10.0-11.0 kg/m²
Additional Information
Weight 25KG, 40KG
Color Grey