Supracoat Skim Coat White

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  • Good and easy workability
  • Improved durability and reduce surface hairline cracks commonly associated with conventional plaster
  • Savings on cost as it can be applied thinly on the substrate
  • Reduction in cost of painting
  • Interior and external use

SUPRACOAT SKIM COAT is a cement based plaster specially designed to provide high quality smooth finishing to ceilings and walls. Just mix it with clean water and it is ready for use. It is normally used as a very thin finishing coat onto either SUPRACOAT BASE COAT or on to conventionally rendered ceilings or walls.

Surface Preparation
  • Surface must be free from dust, loose particles, oil and other contaminants.
  • Fill up any surface holes and chisel or sand off any surface unevenness, where necessary.
  • This usually applies to substrate consisting of concrete or conventionally rendered walls or ceilings where SUPRACOAT SKIM COAT is applied directly onto the surface without application of a base coat such as SUPRACOAT BASE COAT.

On a smooth and even substrate, coverage is approximately 1kg per m² at 1mm thickness.

Additional Information
Weight 20KG, 40KG
Color White