Supracoat Super Wall Plaster

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  • Smooth quality surface finish with less dependency on expert labour
  • Good workablity and easy to apply
  • Up to three times stronger adhesion than ordinary plaster
  • Improved durability and reduction of hairline surface cracks and organic stains commonly associated with conventional plaster
  • Save on labour costs due to ease of application
  • Save on plaster wastage from fall offs during application
  • Save on additional cost from wall patching and touch up after plastering
  • Save on paint because of smoother and less gain surface

SUPRACOAT SUPER WALL PLASTER is a cement based wall finishing plaster for both interior and exterior walls and structures such as columns and beams. SUPRACOAT SUPER WALL PLASTER is a specially polymer modified and formulated quantity wall plaster. It enables quicker application time, with savings in overall cost. It also provides a superior and troublefree finish compared to conventional wall plasters.

Surface Preparation
  • For brick, hollow block and Aerated Light Weight (ALW) brick walls a preliminary scratch coat of ordinary plaster
    should be applied.
  • If the surface is very dry, dampening of the surface to be plastered is recommended.

Approx. 6kg per m² at 3 mm thickness.

Additional Information
Weight 40KG
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