Supracoat Supralatex 66

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  • Easy to use, only mix with adhesive
  • Water vapour, weather and chemical resistance
  • Plasticizing effect and reduce shrinkage
  • Enhance flexibility, not prone to cracking
  • Water and crack resistance
  • Good resistance to salt and acid rain permeation

SUPRACOAT SUPRALATEX-66 is a synthetic latex emulsion designed for use in mortar mixtures, tiles adhesive and other cementitious materials and water
resistance are required.

SUPRACOAT SUPRALATEX-66 is recommended for use with site mixed mortar, plasters, polymer modified cement products tile adhesives and priming slurry. It improves flexibility and crack-resistance to external and internal rendering. It improves adhesion strength of all cement mixes.

Surface Preparation
  • The surface should be free from dust, loose particles, oil and other contamination. Where steel corrosion is present, it should be removed and treated.
  • Surface should be damped with clean water before application.

The dosage of SUPRACOAT SUPRALATEX-66 is dependant on the job requirement & condition specifications. For demanding conditions, it should be used without diluting with water. For other uses, SUPRACOAT SUPRALATEX-66 may be mixed with 1 to 2 parts of water as determined by applicator’s judgement.

Additional Information
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