Supracoat Supramix

Weight 6KG, 16KG
Color White Milky
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  • Economical to use
  • Good crack bridging capability
  • Good adhesion to well prepared substrate
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Non-toxic suitable for drinking water
  • Multipurpose used as a additive to mortar mixtures

SUPRAMIX waterproofing is a flexible synthetic latex emulsion incorporated with micro fiber-reinforce that is mixed with Portland cement to form a cementitious slurry to waterproof concrete structure. SUPRAMIX is also designed for used with sand mortar mixtures, tile adhesive and other cementitious material to improved bond, tensile, flexural strength and durability.

Surface Preparation
  • The surface before waterproofing must be sound, clean and free from irregularities, sharp projections, loosed particles, oil and contaminants.
  • Old coatings to be removed.
  • New concrete must be cured for at least 28 days, allowed sufficient water flow to falls to avoid ponding on the finished membrance surface.

2 Liter/m² (consisted of 2 coats at rate 1 Liter/m at 1mm dry film thickness).

Additional Information
Weight 6KG, 16KG
Color White Milky